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My cat has never been away from home before, will he/she be alright?

The large majority of Cats actually enjoy the boarding experience. Cats are normally just content to laze around and watch the antics of the outdoor life from their outdoor balcony and those cats that enjoy cuddles and pats can have as much of that as they wish!

What do you feed?

We offer all our guests ‘Royal Canin’ a complete super premium dry food meal – We also offer ‘wet’ food if requested. We firmly believe in feeding a super premium dry food because of the many health benefits.


We guarantee that all medications provided will be administered as per veterinary instructions. We keep an accurate record on each pets file and also a separate medications register. We do not charge any additional fees for the administration of medications.
However please note ‘diabetic cats’ do attract a surcharge if insulin injections need to be administered outside normal working hours


The health of your cat is very important to us. We insist on all Cats being currently immunised – that is all cats must have received a vaccination in the last 12 months. We insist on at least an F3 for our feline guests.
An F3 vaccination includes Feline enteritis and cats should be vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to arriving at Park Ridge Cat Resort.

What happens if my pet needs to go the vet?

We pride ourselves on spending quality time with your cat. In the event your cat becomes ill while boarding and requires veterinary treatment we would take him/her to the vet, We will try and use your own veterinarian (time permitting) or we will use one of our own local veterinarians. We will always pay your veterinarian bill and attach this invoice to your boarding fees.

May I bring my pets own bedding?

Yes you may bring whatever you think will help settle your cat into the boarding environment. However if your cat is not particularly attached to his or her bed there is no real benefit in bringing it in! We provide all our cats with bedding. Each and every guest is provided with clean fresh bedding – if a guest only stays for one evening the bedding is still washed. Please remember we care for approximately 80 cats and if everybody brings their own beds and blankets it can get a little tricky to keep track of – especially if it has to be laundered!

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, it is best to book prior to staying as we may be booked out or cannot accept your cat/cats if we don’t have all vaccination and/or cats details.

Do you offer facility inspections?

Yes definitely. We have an open-door policy, and we welcome you to call in to view our Luxury Suites, Garden Suites & Resort Suites during our opening hours.  No appointment is needed; however, we do advise to phone ahead.

Call us now on (07) 3297 0275